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Learn how to use some of the
common homeopathic remedies at home
for your health and that of your family,
including pets

Many people are concerned about their failing health
and that of their loved ones. And they have come to
realise that medicine just doesnít provide all the answers.
In fact, it can worsen the situation.

Hello there

Letís face it, people only turn to alternative methods of health care when mainstream medicine fails them in some way. It could be that you are worried about the side effects of drugs. It could be that you know that drugs donít get to the cause of the problem. It could be that medicine has no answers for you, that they say it is all in your head.

The reality is that health is very complicated. Medicine tends to look upon health rather mechanically, more in keeping with a car mechanic. But you are an energy being. You donít respond to mechanical health care. More trouble results. Side effects are common.

Itís more important to understand the CAUSE of the problem, then treat it ENERGETICALLY.

Treating the cause gets to the root of the problem.

Another term, which may suit you better is dynamic. You are a dynamic being because you are alive. Being alive means adapting and changing all the time.

In their pursuit for a more definitive answer to health care, people are often first drawn to dietary supplements. Then herbal remedies may be explored. Then perhaps body workers. And these all have their place. They can all help to benefit you, because they are trying to address an imbalance, rather than suppressing the symptoms.

Suppressing the symptoms, which is the role of medical drugs and procedures, comes from the misunderstanding of the cause of disease. Suppressing your symptoms is dangerous because now you are pushing the effects of the imbalance in deeper.

And that is a totally separate issue from the side effects of the drugs and how your body adapts to them. This means you are putting a double load on your body. No wonder your energy flags. No wonder your libido goes out the window. No wonder other complications arise.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I qualified as a professional homeopath in the year 2000. Since then, I have been in full time practice. I continue to study homeopathy on a weekly basis. Itís hard to stop learning all it has to offer. And I love what I do.

Often people come to me almost as a last resort. The doctors just keep prescribing the same medication, perhaps in a stronger dose or for a longer period, but the problem remains or worsens. Or new problems develop.

Once the appropriate homeopathic remedy is prescribed, the whole picture changes. Sometimes very rapidly. Your pain reduces or completely disappears in a matter of hours or days. Your energy improves; now you can get things done and still feel good at the end of the day. Now, you no longer need those other supportive health professionals as much.

Common Health Problems Are Rising

Letís look at some common health problems in the west.
  • Asthma is common, and the medical treatment only palliates it.
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death, and the number rises every year.
  • Cancer once was once considered an age related health problem. More and more children now get it.
  • Diabetes is a steadily growing problem, with no medical cure.
  • Autism and ADHD, once unheard of, are steadily rising.
  • More people than ever before are on at least one medical drug. Many are on a cocktail of drugs. For life.
  • Mental health problems are increasing, with more and more young people committing suicide.

Does this sound like a healthy, modern, sophisticated, technologically superior era to you? Medicine, despite the billions spent on it, despite the huge increase in doctors, despite the enormous increase in vaccinations and other treatment, are just not delivering. People are becoming sicker.

Another way to go could be to treat disease at the cause, to treat disease energetically, to empower people to help themselves. Homeopathic treatment offers all those answers. Those who use it, love it.

Itís not just that homeopathy works so well that people love it so much. Letís look at some of the benefits of using homeopathy.

Some Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is, above all, an energetic medicine. It works, not by suppressing your symptoms, quite the opposite. It works by helping your body achieve what it is trying to do. It stimulates your immune system. You are only ever sick because your immune system is not working as it should be. And there are countless reasons why it isnít, all of them personal to you and your life history.

Homeopathy works so much better than any other form of health care because it is energetic, because it personalises you, because it returns your immune system to how it should be, because it restores order where there is chaos, because it removes blockages created by life experiences.

Homeopathy is a highly elegant system of health care. It probably surpasses every other system.

Some of the benefits of homeopathy include:

  • it is deeply effective
  • it normally works quickly especially for acute problems
  • it resolves the mental affects of the problem (such as irritability) as well as the physical
  • it has no side effects
  • it is safe, gentle, natural and far-reaching
  • it works by stimulating the immune system, thereby improving the general state of health
  • it is as effective at treating long term chronic or genetic problems as it is treating minor and acute problems (although the chronic problems are best left to professional homeopaths)
  • it offers permanent resolutions so there is no need to continue the treatment after the condition has disappeared
  • it does not exclude anyone including the very young, the very old, yet unborn babies, the frail, the infirm, animals, even plants
  • it is as effective for mental and emotional problems as it is for physical or pathological problems
  • it is the most economical form of effective health care there is
  • it can be used on two distinct levels - professional for those deep seated and worrying problems and at a home prescribing level for acute situations (such as a cold) or when you caníít get help (perhaps youíve gone camping with the family in a remote area)
  • it is loved by children and most animals
  • it does not involve invasive or potentially hazardous procedures
  • it involves only a medicine (or remedy) which is most commonly prescribed orally

Itís the home prescribing level that can help you so much and which I so want to help you master.

Introducing My Homeopathic Home Prescribing Course

Itís difficult to describe in words alone the enormous benefit that you can achieve by knowing just a little about the use of the common homeopathic remedies. The feeling is a little like shedding scales from your eyes. A whole new way of life opens up before you, one that was previously hidden from you.

You no longer fear injuries or bites, accidents or potentially dangerous pursuits, infections or epidemics knowing that you have such effective help at hand. You relax more, enjoy life more, rather than seemingly living on the edge, worried that you or someone you love will come to some harm.

This course is on an open platform system. It is self paced so you can go as fast or as slowly as you like. There are 54 modules consisting of an aspect of philosophy and a remedy. Many of the modules contain case studies and quizzes. to help you remember key points.

The modules are in PDF form and video.

These lessons can easily fit into even the busiest lifestyle, as they are designed for busy people. They give you the necessary information to practice on yourself (and your long suffering loved ones).

One of the common problems with teaching is that too much information is given out at once, often overwhelming the student. Each module approaches this new information in baby steps, which are known to be more effective in reaching a truly solid foundation of knowledge.

You can post comments to get other's and my feedback. You have unlimited email access to me to help you through any hurdles you may encounter. Being able to ask questions is one of the best ways of learning.

Perhaps you are healthy at the moment. But you never know when you will succumb to a passing infection or injure yourself. It could be just around the corner. Having an informative source to hand, to delve into as and when necessary may save you much more than money. Often it is the speedy administration of a correctly prescribed remedy that can save the day, if not a life.

Another day may be too late.

What Others Say About This Course

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your course. The way you have it structured makes things clear and easier to grasp even when some of the concepts are a bit elusive. While I am not a newcomer to homeopathy, this is the first time I am actually studying it for my own home use.

Years ago when we lived in California, we had a cat that developed seizures of the grand mal type. The vet, after observing her, determined that she probably had a slow growing tumor and prescribed phenobarbital and gave her about six months to live. Our large animal vet had just started studying homeopathy and so I chose to work with her. Within a short time we weaned the cat from the drug and three months later she was practically seizure free. The cat was 14 years old at the time and she went on to live another 9 years dying at 23.

Needless to say, I was convinced about the benefits of homeopathy but at the time was not able to avail myself of a course of study. I am certainly grateful to be able to embark on a beginning journey. Last week, I had occasion to use a remedy on myself. Generally speaking I am very healthy. Friday last, though, I was clearing the dinner dishes and turned too fast on our tile floor and pulled something in my right hip and the outside of my knee. At least that's where the pain was. Putting weight on that leg was painful as was any lateral movement. I took one dose of the remedy immediately and then waited, then took another before going to bed. My sleep was a bit fitful as I couldn't find a comfortable position. In the morning things were still a bit painful and iffy walking so I took another dose. By the afternoon the pain was pretty much gone and the next day it was though it had never happened. So in all, I took three doses. The waiting and observing is the interesting part. Improvement can be subtle. And we are schooled in the "take-two-of-these-pills- every-four-hours approach.,"  making us more attentive to the clock rather than what is actually going on with us. It truly is a shift in thinking and awareness.

Thank you again,

My Anatolian Shepherd (think big dog) came home the other day with a huge lip on her and it started spreading to both sides.  I was afraid that it would close off her breathing.  So I got my material out and picked a remedy to give her.  I figured she had gotten bit by wasps or bees that are common now, and possibly gotten into a swarm of them.  So I gave her pillets dissolved in a little water and put it down her throat.  In about an hour I saw it go down a little and so I gave her one more then and by morning she was back to normal.  I am so thrilled.  Thanks again.
Marlous Hicks

How Will You Benefit From This Course?

So letís look at the benefits this course offers you.

This course covers all the common home prescribing homeopathic remedies you are likely to need for most acute and emergency situations. It covers how to use them, and what the symptoms are to indicate their use.

Perhaps the greatest benefits you can enjoy from having the knowledge gained from this course is knowing you can help, if not resolve, almost every situation. Often, a quick action is necessary to prevent complications, something invaluable for a family when accidents and injuries are the order of the day.

So next time you or a loved one:

  • develops a cold
  • has an injury
  • suffers nerve damage
  • gets a burn
  • twists an ankle
  • goes into shock
  • gets bitten by an insect or animal
  • suffers an allergy
  • develops an abscess or boils
  • has food poisoning
  • gets travel constipation
  • suffers with period pain
  • has digestive problems
  • gets headaches
  • develops a fever
  • canít sleep

youíll be able to help. Can you even begin to imagine how you will feel when the problem melts away? Can you even begin to appreciate this?

All at home. All quickly. All safely. All easily. All without harm. All without side effects. All by supporting the most important part of you - your immune system. And all so economically.

It sounds incredible to someone who doesnít know about the scope of homeopathy, because many of these problems are way beyond the scope of medicine. So how can you, without any medical training, hope to achieve what doctors canít?

The answer to that lies in understanding more about the true nature of disease and just what homeopathy can do.

This can save you bucket loads of cash, it can save you hours of wasted time and it can save your health. Appropriate homeopathic treatment is natural, deep, without side effects and curative. It is also finite. You stop taking the remedy when all the healing is complete.

And for those deep seated problems, the ones you know you need professional help with, you can often start the process with an appropriately prescribed acute acting remedy.

Do You Sometimes Feel Helpless?

One of the greatest pain most people feel is when they are helpless in the face of ill health. Itís dis-empowering.

But knowledge is power!

For those of us not born into the computer age, we had a tough time learning all their ways, let alone those of the internet. The language, the way things work (or donít work). A lot seems like learning a new language.

But with time and perseverance, we get there. And it is a bit like that with homeopathy. There are a lot of strange names and unusual concepts. But with time and perseverance, you can get there. And then enjoy a much freer life.

Alanís Story

Alan was a skeptic, if ever I saw one. He hadnít actually been dragged kicking and screaming to see me, but it wasnít far off. His wife, who had benefited enormously from her homeopathic treatment, told him it was either a homeopathic consultation or she refused to care for him as he aged, and became more infirm.

Alan was well past 70 and not in very good health. He was on a cocktail of drugs from his GP and various specialists. He was not the easiest patient to prescribe for as he was so set in his ways. But he did improve well with his homeopathic treatment. Over an extended period, his doctors dropped off his medications, one by one.

I think his wife was rather smug about this.

One day, he badly burned his hand removing a dish from a hot oven. His wife had bought a collection of home prescribing remedies and had taken this course. She quickly refreshed her memory from the notes she had taken. Then gave Alan the indicated remedies. She later told me the effect was nothing short of miraculous.

Burns tend to be painful and last a long time. But she recounted how it took about 10 minutes, then Alan stopped complaining. His hand did not blister and he didnít complain about pain again. There was only a slight mark on his hand the next day.

Still Skeptical?

I think most of us have to experience something before we can believe it. Most of us have a healthy level of skepticism. I feel that is healthy, as long as it also accompanies an open mind.

When you use homeopathy correctly, according to the philosophy, you will see results. Itís as day follows night. The difficulty most people face is learning to use homeopathy properly, according to itís philosophy. This is covered in this course. 

Who Is This Work For?

  • For those who understand that health is complicated and that there are many reasons for poor health.
  • For those who like and/or trust me so are prepared to put into action my suggestions.
  • For those who appreciate that ĎRome wasnít built in a dayí so are prepared to make the time that it takes to get the results they want.
  • For those who realise that something is very amiss with the way the world currently views health, so are prepared to make the necessary changes.
  • For those who are willing to admit there are some things they donít know.
  • For those who are willing to try new approaches that might be outside their comfort zone.
Who Is This Work NOT For?

  • You want a magic bullet to fix the problem quickly and without effort on your part.
  • You donít want to make any drastic changes to your health care.
  • You donít have the time to read the information here and/or to put it into practice.
  • You give into challenges easily.



If you donít know me, you may feel you canít trust me. Thatís a pretty fair and common reaction. Why should you?

Customer satisfaction is important to me. I need to know that I am delivering the goods. For this reason, I offer a full return on the first month of the course. If you donít think this course is as claimed, you can get a full refund up to 30 days after starting.


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To your good health.

Madeleine Innocent

PS I am also being selfish. Seriously, I want this to work for you. If Iím lucky, then Iíll get a testimonial from you, a before-and-after snapshot. This will help spread the word. Then more people will have healthier lives and will spend less to keep themselves healthy. It's good for you, the environment and me.

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