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Now you can both protect your child against health problems and treat others safely and effectively

There is an alarming increase in the amount of medical drugs, including antibiotics, that children receive these days, that can have a detrimental effect on their health

Dear Concerned Parent

Parents are rightfully becoming increasingly concerned at the frequency their children are given medical drugs. It’s not uncommon for some small children to be on one course of antibiotics after another. Yet still the problem often remains or returns.

Parents are concerned that this endless cycle of antibiotics is harming their child and setting up the potential for deeper health issues later in life.

And these concerns are well founded.

Antibiotics upset the delicate balance of bacteria which is essential to life. Most people don’t realise this, but our bodies are teeming with bacteria. We need them. And the place we need them the most is in the gut. This is why many people suffer with indigestion, gas, bloating, pain and so forth, in this area after taking antibiotics.

It’s hard for a baby or small child to tell us what hurts and where it hurts, but the common problem of colic gives us a clue.

Taking probiotics can go a long way to help restore this delicate balance, depending on the quality of the product. But a safer approach would be to find an effective alternative to antibiotics, that will not upset this delicate balance, that will not cause any side effects, yet will still provide the solution to the original problem.

In children, this is especially important. A growing child is developing an immune system. The administration of medical drugs interfere with the healthy growth of this essential, but intangible part of the body. An immune system is not already formed and ready to go at birth, as, say an organ like the liver is. It has to develop. This takes time.

And any interference in its development will result in a less than healthy immune system, that translates into an unhealthy child.

Before we go further in to this important, but complex subject, let me explain why you should listen to me.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I qualified as a professional homeopath in the year 2000. Since then, I have been in full time practice, treating children and adults alike. Often people bring their child to me almost as a last resort. The doctors just keep prescribing the same medication, perhaps in a stronger dose or for a longer period, but the problem remains or worsens.

It’s a pity they don’t come as a first choice and thereby side track all the heartbreak, all the anxiety, all the pain. And all the harm.

Once the child is prescribed the correct homeopathic medicine, the whole picture changes. Sometimes very rapidly. The ear pain reduces or completely disappears in a matter of hours or days. The moods improve, from aggression to co-operation. Night time becomes restful once again. The whole family is restored to normal.

It’s not just that homeopathy works so well that parents love it so much. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using homeopathy.

Some Benefits of Homeopathy

  • is deeply effective
  • normally works quickly especially for acute problems
  • resolves the mental affects of the problem (such as irritability) as well as the physical
  • has no side effects
  • is safe, gentle, effective, natural and far-reaching
  • works by stimulating the immune system, thereby improving the general state of health
  • is as effective at treating long term chronic or genetic problems as it is treating minor and acute problems (although the chronic problems are best left to professional homeopaths)
  • offers permanent resolutions so there is no need to continue the treatment after the condition has disappeared
  • does not exclude anyone including the very young, the very old, yet unborn babies, the frail, the infirm, animals, even plants
  • is as effective for mental and emotional problems as it is for physical or pathological problems
  • is the most economical form of effective health care there is
  • can be used on two distinct levels - professional for those deep seated and worrying problems and at a home prescribing level for acute situations (such as a cold) or when you can’’t get help (perhaps you’ve gone camping with the family in a remote area)
  • is loved by children
  • does not involve invasive or potentially hazardous procedures
  • involves only a medicine (or remedy) which is most commonly prescribed orally

It’s the home prescribing level that can help you so much and which I so want to help you master.

Compare These Two Scenarios

Imagine, if you will, the scenario of a small child waking up at 2 am with a raging earache. You have few options without homeopathy. You can give her a pain killer, which may or may not work. If you are familiar with other alternative disciplines of health, you may be able to use these. Or you can take the whole family on a mad dash to the nearest hospital.

You can then write off the remainder of your night’s sleep, as admission and process takes many hours.

Let’s look at an alternative scenario.

You have obtained a homeopathic first aid kit, comprising 20 to 40 different remedies. You have started to study how to use the remedies and how to choose one. When your child wakes in the night, you open the book to work out the correct remedy, while your partner sits with her.

It may take you 5 - 10 minutes to work out the remedy. But, if you have got it right, the administration of the first dose can be so fast and effective, she drops off to sleep almost immediately.

Depending on the severity of the problem, she may wake up a little later. Another dose and another sleep.

Perhaps the whole event/s took up just half an hour. You (and the rest of the family) can get back to sleep. In the morning, you can assess whether the child needs more of the remedy or if you need to seek professional help. Often, everything is back to normal and no further action is required.

The beauty of this is obviously two fold - your child’s health and your sleep. But an additional benefit you can’t see, is that unlike the medical drugs, the correct use of homeopathic remedies boost the immune system, making your child overall healthier.

Here is what others say about the book

I have really found your information a very usefull tool, and as for being critical I have found it very hard, cause every time I think of something, I then realise that it has to be that way, anyways.
I did find the ebook easy to read and have already run to it for advise on many occasions so thank you.
Samantha K

Young Parents Want the Best for Their Children

It is my experience that parents, particularly mothers, will do anything for their child. And it can be this desire that can lead to their undoing.

Young mothers are vulnerable. They have little or no experience with child raising and yet here is their most precious child who now depends on them totally. How do they make the right decision? It can be agonisingly difficult.

It can be helpful to have a grandparent or two on hand, but that isn’t always an option or not always as helpful as one had hoped.

Young mothers, in particular, are easily intimidated or overwhelmed by authoritative figures. Often this advice overrules their own instincts. They can be brow beaten into following advice they instinctively find unsettling.

In reality, everyone is endowed with a healthy dose of intuition and instinct. It is our current, logic based society that trains it out of use at its source. Yet this powerful tool resurfaces when a woman has a baby. There is nothing more useful to ensure the mother keeps the baby safe.

That’s how humanity has managed to survive this long.

Imagine, for a moment, your toddler falls and hurts himself quite badly on a concrete slab. He cries and cries. You can see it is not serious, but his level of pain upsets you. You know, without having to look it up, the best homeopathic remedy for soft tissue injury. You give him a dose and in a moment, he calms down and resumes his explorations and play. It’s as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes, it’s hard to recall that it DID happen. Recounting the event to your partner later in the day almost seems unreal. There just is no mental or emotional residue to suggest it did happen.

Gone Are the Days of Forcing Medicine
on an Unwilling Child

One of the best advantages of the homeopathic treatment of children, is that they love to take them. Because the pillules (small pills) are sweet, this is often cited as the reason. But try giving your child the wrong remedy and see what happens. They refuse, they close their mouth, they turn their head away, they walk away. They don’t want a bar of it.

Children have healthy inner wisdom which tells them in advance whether something is right or wrong for them.

Some people say that homeopathy is nothing but a placebo effect. Whilst I have nothing against the placebo effect, it being a useful and very safe way to help people, it’s difficult, nay impossible, to imagine a baby can respond to the placebo effect.

Because homeopathy is so effective, so far reaching in its action, so all encompassing in what it can treat and so economical, I believe it is a real threat to the lucrative pharmaceutical industry. And this is where the anti-homeopathy industry', the bad press comes from. Is it worth your notice? You decide.

But I will say this: if you don’t try it you will never know. You will be by-passing one of the greatest tools available to help your child grow and develop effortlessly and naturally. Not to mention the cost to you both in financial terms and emotionally.

You may well come across resistance to your use of homeopathy from your friends and family. People are naturally conventional. Most people resist change. Friends and family do mean well. But they are not in your shoes. They will only resist initially. When they can see how it works, how healthy your children are, how few problems they have, then they will start to ask you about it.

This means you may feel you are on your own in the early stages. Let me assure you, you are not. Your strength of character in trying to do the best for your child may set you apart from many parents you know, but there are an increasing number of parents just like you. Doubtless, in time, you will meet some of them.

When you purchase a good homeopathic first aid kit from a reputable homeopathic pharmacy, it will come with a little booklet or leaflet on how to use it. Since the remedies can be used for any situation in any person (or animal), the instructions are rather broad. This means that they are often not detailed enough for a small child.

I’d like to introduce you to my exclusively downloadable,

Babies and Young Children
 - Homeopathic Home Remedies.

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Babies and Young Children - Homeopathic Home Remedies covers all the homeopathic remedies you are likely to need for home prescribing in children of all ages, but particularly so in the early years, as their immune system develops.

It shows you how to use the remedies to their full advantage.

It shows you how to use your child’s inbuilt intuition to your advantage.

Why should you buy this, when money may be tight and you have already forked out for the remedies? The answer to that may best be addressed by telling you about a local mother who uses her homeopathic home prescribing remedies a lot, 
learned so much more from the information here.

She also consults with me when things are too complicated for her. But this is becoming less and less often as the health of her children improves by leaps and bounds.

She hesitated to make this purchase as her husband was out of a job at the time, and she had only just bought the remedies. This was two years ago, She recently told me that she can’t imagine being without either the remedies or this download. She has got many times more than her money’s worth out of both of them, saving herself a fortune in hard-come-by cash, as well as the health of her family. She has used it successfully on many acute health problems of her family, including her animals. Friends often now come to her for help.

Being Without Fear Is a Priceless Asset to Have

It’s difficult to describe in words alone the enormous benefit that you can achieve by knowing just a little about the use of the common homeopathic remedies. The feeling is a little like shedding scales from your eyes. A whole new way of life opens up before you, one that was previously hidden from you.

You no longer fear injuries or bites, accidents or potentially dangerous pursuits, infections or epidemics knowing that you have such effective help at hand. You relax more, enjoy life more, rather than seemingly living on the edge, panic stricken that your child will come to some harm.

If you are new to homeopathy and are still hesitating about the purchase, let me assure you of the guarantee. You have 60 days, from the date of purchase, to ask for your money back, whatever the reason.

This means you are completely safe if you feel the information is not helpful. 

Perhaps your child seems to be healthy at the moment. But you never know when they will succumb to a passing infection or injure themselves doing what children do as they grow and develop. It could be just around the corner. Having an informative source to hand, to delve into as and when necessary may save you much more than money. Often it is the speedy administration of a correctly prescribed remedy that can save the day, if not a life.

Another day may be too late.

How Do You Benefit From Having
Babies and Young Children - Homeopathic Home Remedies

So let’s recap the benefits.

The information here covers all the common home prescribing homeopathic remedies you are likely to need in a baby and growing child. It covers how to use them, and what the symptoms are to indicate their use.

And it doesn’t just cover homeopathic remedies. Many other natural tips and alternatives, which can help any situation, are covered.

And finally, it tells you when you should seek professional help. When it is not appropriate to treat your own child.

As a bonus, I include a report on some of the best solid foods to introduce to your baby as they are weaned.

Perhaps the greatest benefits you can enjoy from having this information to hand is knowing you can help, if not resolve, almost every situation. Often, a quick action is necessary to prevent complications, something invaluable when you have growing children.

Consider the value you will get for the whole of your children’s upbringing, seen almost daily. You know you are giving them the best care which can launch them into a healthy adult. What more can any parent hope to achieve? And with a secure 60 day money back guarantee, you can’t lose.

So next time your child:

  • develops a cold or colic, you have the means to fully resolve it in hours
  • suffers an allergy, you have help at hand
  • has a bite, whether from an insect or something larger, you have the where-with-all to reduce its severity, if not fully cure it
  • can’t sleep from excitement of the following day, you know what to do

All at home. All quickly. All safely. All easily. All without harm. All without side effects. All by supporting the natural development of that most important part of your child’s future - their immune system. And all so economically.

And for those deep seated problems, the ones you know you need professional help with, you can help start the process with an appropriately prescribed acute acting remedy.

Who Can Benefit From
Babies and Young Children - Homeopathic Home Remedies?

Whilst some parents seek to use homeopathic treatment almost to the exclusion of all other health care, many choose to use it simply as a valuable addition. There are no exceptions where either of these are inappropriate, as it simply comes down to the parents choices.

Using homeopathy as a supportive health discipline allows your child to recover more quickly from:

  • repeated antibiotic or other medical drug use
  • the traumatic effect of vaccines, both physically and emotionally
  • aggressive drugs used for chronic health problems
  • invasive procedures such as surgery

Homeopathy is an amazingly flexible health disciple, fully supportive of all your choices. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Do You Sometimes Feel So Helpless?

The greatest pain most parents feel is when they are helpless in the face of their child’s ill health. When their child’s health is deteriorating, going from bad to worse.

Imagine how helpless you feel if your child is admitted into hospital and the doctors can’t find what the problem is.

Or the solution is worse than the problem, with horrific side effects.

How do you comfort your child? How do you tell your child you are doing the best you can, when they are clearly in so much distress?

How to you square it with your other children at home, when you spend so much time at the hospital?

Often, these terribly sad scenarios of children deteriorating in health, can be nipped in the bud by quick, on-the-spot treatment at the time something occurs. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but imagine being able to prevent such a serious problem ever developing? Can you put a price on that?

The greatest benefit you will see by using the common home prescribing remedies thoughtfully, with skill, is an easier life for you and a happier, healthier child. Does anyone want more than that?

This makes a great gift to any new mother.

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The information here will save you thousands of $ as well as unimaginable heartache and countless sleepless nights.

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BONUS: In addition to this comprehensive guide to homeopathic home prescribing for babies and young children, you also receive a guide for the healthiest foods, along with simple recipes, when starting your toddler on solid food.

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Babies and Young Children - Homeopathic Home Remedies

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